Works-in-a-Drawer™ Box

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The Envirolet® Works-in-a-Drawer Box (120VAC Electric or 12VDC) can be used in all Envirolet® Systems.

  • Includes rubber WID gasket.
  • Blower Pipe and hardware is optional. The Blower Pipe is used to distribute air from Blower Fan downwards in System to aid in evaporation. Blower Pipe is required and should be added unless you already have one.

Power Use:
  • The Fans (2) in the 12VDC Battery version draw approximately 0.26 amps each. Battery not included.
  • In the 120VAC Electric version the Fans (2) are 20W each and the Heater is 500W. Heater is thermostatically controlled by 2 thermostats and stays on approximately 25% of the time.
Top Panels (12VDC or 120VAC) not included and must be purchased separately.

Note Regarding Older Systems:
It is recommended to occasionally inspect the WID Box in Envirolet® Systems that are more than 5-10 years old to make sure all components are in proper working order. WID Box replacement may be recommended for Systems that are 10-20 years old. Check with the Envirolet® Service Dept. if you have any questions.

Some Things To Consider As You Choose Your Envirolet® System


  • All systems are available in 12VDC and AC Electric. Some systems are available Non-Electric.
  • We recommend to opt for an AC Electric system if power is available.

Waterless or Low Water

  • There are waterless and low water flush systems available.
  • The choice can be a personal preference or may be dependent on certain installation requirements.


  • All systems come with what is required for a basic installation (except for rigid 4" vent pipe to complete the venting in remote systems).
  • At time of system purchase it is a good idea to consider adding some accessories such as soil additives (Compost Accelerator, Compost Power, Daily Mix, etc.) to save on future shipping costs.


  • Shipping is included in the price for all complete Envirolet Composting Toilet Systems, unless specified (for certain special promotions).
  • Parts are shipped for a flat-rate S&H price.
  • There may be extra charges to Alaska and Hawaii due to the increased shipping costs.
Be sure to ask us if you have any questions!