Answers to Frequently Asked Questions. Be sure to ask us if there is something you do not see.

What is the warranty?
Envirolet® Systems come with a Lifetime Warranty on the outside body of the composting systems and a 5-Year Warranty on the internal components of the composting systems. More Warranty details here.

Where is Envirolet® manufactured?
Envirolet® Systems are manufactured in Canada.

How long has Envirolet® been around?
Envirolet® has been manufactured and sold for more than 40 years since 1977.

Is there odor?
No. There should not be any odor with a properly installed and marinated composting toilet system.

Will I Get Insects?
Normally, you should not see any insects in your system. But, insects (small bugs, flies) can enter the system and be a pest (of course!). If this happens, more than likely they have entered through the peat (or soil, etc.) that you are adding to the system. Once they get in they multiply fast! So what do you do? The solution is pretty easy. Immediately add diatomaceous earth to your system. Diatomaceous earth is a natural bug killer. Sprinkle it over the mass. This should eradicate the bugs! To control them on an on-going basis, try mixing some DE into your regular daily additive (i.e., your peat moss, etc.). Learn more about diatomaceous earth.

Can I download the Use & Care Manual?
Yes! View it and download it here.

Can I get an AC Electric model in 120VAC and 230VAC?
Yes, our systems are shipped to the United States are supplied standard in 120VAC. Outside of the United States we can supply in 230VAC.

Are AC Electric models hardwired? No, they use a 3-prong grounded plug and should not be hardwired. 

Does the bowl stay clean in waterless systems? Yes. You will clean it about the same as you would clean a conventional toilet bowl.