Inline “Turbo” Fan Installation

The Inline “Turbo” Fan is designed to add increased evaporation to any Envirolet® Composting Toilet System. It is highly recommended to install an inline fan if there are any angles or bends in the venting of your system (as a straight vertical vent set-up is always ideal and recommended).  The inline fan is available in both 3” (for Waterless Self-Contained) and 4” (Remote Systems) sizes, depending on your system type.

Positioning of Inline “Turbo” Fan

  1. Choose the best location for inline fan.
  2. Typically, the best spot in the vent set-up will be immediately after a bend, if any, or near the top of the vent. This will maximize increased airflow from inline fan.

Install Inline “Turbo” Fan

  1. In a new installation, after you have selected the location you will either need to simply connect the inline fan. In an existing installation you will need to cut (or disconnect) the existing vent to insert the new inline fan.
  2. Connect the inline fan (3” or 4”) into the vent pipe at both ends securely.

    Make sure the fan air flow is directed vertically towards the top of the vent (i.e., the roof or wind turbine ventilator).

  3. Use silicone sealant to seal the connection for air gaps. This is very important to ensure a sealed vent.
  4. Plug in the inline fan (AC models) or connect to battery (12VDC models).
  5. Your inline fan is now connected and ready-to-go.

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