Shipping Information

Envirolet® Systems and parts are manufactured and shipped factory direct via courier to the United States.

Envirolet® System Shipping
Envirolet® Composting Toilet Systems are listed with the delivered price.  No extra S&H is added except to locations in Alaska, Hawaii and other "remote" locations. See below.

Alaska & Hawaii and "Remote" Locations System Shipping
Due to high shipping costs, a minimum extra S&H charge of $459 will be added for Alaska and Hawaii.  The shipping charges may be more to certain locations in Alaska and Hawaii.  Other "remote" locations (islands, etc.) on the continental may have an extra charge. We will contact you if this is the case.

$12 Flat Rate Shipping for Parts Orders
Shipping is 
ONLY $12 for all parts orders!  Details:

  • Order 1 item and it is only $12.
  • Order 5 items and it is still only $12!
  • Order more at one time and save!
  • Applies only to "parts" orders and does not include complete composting toilet systems, which ship for free!
Alaska & Hawaii and "Remote" Locations Parts Shipping
Extra charges apply to Alaska and Hawaii, and other "remote" locations for parts.