Envirolet® MS10 Waterless Self-Contained System (AC Electric)

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The most efficient Waterless Self-Contained System available. Self-Contained models are all-in-one unit that are ideal for ground level installations.

If you have AC electric power available, this is the recommended waterless self-contained system. No chemicals, incinerating or septic! The Envirolet® MS10 features dual fans and a heater, which provide maximum evaporation and eliminate the need for an excess liquid drain. This model is the recommended self-contained system when electricity is available. Handles up to 8 people per day.

What's in the box?
1. Envirolet® MS10 (120VAC Electric) Composting Toilet
2. 3" Vent Kit: (10' x 3" White Pipe, 2 x 3" Couplings, Silicone)
3. Premix Starter Mix Kit
4. Envirolet® Compost Accelerator (8oz)
5. Wind Turbine Ventilator (4")

Optional Accessories:
3" White Vent Pipe - System comes with 10'. Order more if your vent is going to be more than 10' high. Add 1 Coupling per 3' section of extra vent pipe.
Envirolet® Turbo Fan - Inline fan placed in vent line to increase performance. Recommended for vents installed with angles. 12VDC or 120VAC.
3" Union Coupling - Allows for even easier access to Works-in-a-Drawer™ Box. A great accessory.

8 persons per day for vacation use and 6 persons per day for continuous use. (Based on 3 uses per person per day.) For occasional over-use, the optional 4" Wind Turbine and Pre-Sediment Drain Kit are recommended.

25" W x 33" L x 25" H (19.75" H to seat)

Shipping Weight:
88 lbs.

Some Things To Consider As You Choose Your Envirolet® System

Power Choices

  • All Envirolet® systems are available in 12VDC and AC Electric. Some systems are available Non-Electric.
  • We recommend to opt for an AC Electric system if power is available for best performance and the highest capacity.

Waterless or Low Water

  • There are waterless and low water flush systems available.
  • The choice can be a personal preference or may be dependent on certain installation requirements.
  • Waterless systems either install directly on bathroom floor or directly below the floor.
  • Low Water systems can gravity flush to the composting system below (directly below or off-set).
  • FlushSmart VF vacuum flush systems can flush horizontal (sideways!) up to 70ft away and 12ft vertical (up!).
  • Check out our buying guide for more info.

Parts & Accessories

  • All systems come with what is required for a basic installation (except for rigid 4" vent pipe to complete the venting in remote systems or extra lengths of venting, draining, etc. materials needed for some installations).
  • At time of system purchase it is a good idea to consider adding some accessories such as soil additives (Compost Accelerator, Compost Power, Daily Mix, etc.) to save on future shipping costs.


  • Shipping is included in the price for all complete Envirolet® Composting Toilet Systems, unless specified (for certain special promotions, etc.).
  • Parts are shipped for a flat-rate S&H price unless otherwise noted.
  • There will be extra charges to Alaska,Hawaii and "remote" locations (islands, etc.) due to the increased shipping costs.
Be sure to ask us if you have any questions!