Inline "Turbo Fan"

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The Envirolet® Inline "Turbo Fan" is placed in the vent of your Envirolet® Composting Toilet. Increases the evaporation of liquid from the system.

Recommended for systems that are installed with any bends (or angles) in the vent. Also ideal to add increased performance to any system, especially Non-Electric models.

When ordering, be sure to indicate the desired Power type (120VAC or 12VDC) and the type of System (Self-Contained or Remote) the Turbo Fan will be added to. Self-Contained systems have a 3" vent and Remote systems have a 4" vent.

Please contact us you have any questions about which Envirolet® Turbo Fan is best for your application.

Some Things To Consider As You Choose Your Envirolet® System

Power Choices

  • All Envirolet® systems are available in 12VDC and AC Electric. Some systems are available Non-Electric.
  • We recommend to opt for an AC Electric system if power is available for best performance and the highest capacity.

Waterless or Low Water

  • There are waterless and low water flush systems available.
  • The choice can be a personal preference or may be dependent on certain installation requirements.
  • Waterless systems either install directly on bathroom floor or directly below the floor.
  • Low Water systems can gravity flush to the composting system below (directly below or off-set).
  • FlushSmart VF vacuum flush systems can flush horizontal (sideways!) up to 70ft away and 12ft vertical (up!).
  • Check out our buying guide for more info.

Parts & Accessories

  • All systems come with what is required for a basic installation (except for rigid 4" vent pipe to complete the venting in remote systems or extra lengths of venting, draining, etc. materials needed for some installations).
  • At time of system purchase it is a good idea to consider adding some accessories such as soil additives (Compost Accelerator, Compost Power, Daily Mix, etc.) to save on future shipping costs.


  • Shipping is included in the price for all complete Envirolet® Composting Toilet Systems, unless specified (for certain special promotions, etc.).
  • Parts are shipped for a flat-rate S&H price unless otherwise noted.
  • There will be extra charges to Alaska,Hawaii and "remote" locations (islands, etc.) due to the increased shipping costs.
Be sure to ask us if you have any questions!